WoW Quest Text Reader

Quest reading in World of Warcraft using text-to-speech!

Version 2 just released (Full support for Legion)!

With the release of the next World of Warcraft expansion Legion I have rewritten the WoW Quest Text Reader from the ground up! New features in this release:

  • Rewritten form the ground up. Looks and plays a lot better, scales to high DPI monitors etc.
  • Full support for WoW Patch 7.0.3+ (Legion expansion).
  • Can now read open NPC Quest dialogs(!) This allows you to listen to quest texts before accepting a quest and also listen to the quest reward text.
  • Supports changing the read speed of the voices.
  • Addon is now installed by the installer instead of the actual application which should give you a smoother install experience.

I’ve also created a YouTube video with an installation + usage guide you can checkout before deciding to download and try this application:

What is WoW Quest Text Reader?

WoW Quest Text Reader is a simple Windows application that together with a small WoW addon can read (out load) your last selected quests description/objectives or open NPC quest dialogs when playing World of Warcraft. This is done using text-to-speech technology.

This is the perfect application when you want to learn more about the story behind each quest but you rather play the game than read quest texts. Now you can just grab those quests and start riding or flying to the next quest location while listening to the story of the quests. It’s also a perfect tool for those who have trouble reading because of dyslexia or problem with eye sight.


How does it work?

When playing WoW and you want to enable reading of quest texts you simply launch the WoW Quest Text Reader application. It must always be running to enable reading of quest texts since there is no text-to-speech engine built into World of Warcraft. If it is the first time launching the application you will be prompted to install a small WoW addon. The addon is not responsible for reading the quest texts instead it’s job is only to grab the last selected quests description and objective text so it can be copied to the application. This is done using the Windows clipboard and is the only allowed way of copying data between an external application and a World of Warcraft addon (so no hacking, reading in-game memory etc is used). This is a method used by many addons. To make the process simple you don’t have to copy the text from WoW yourself, this is done by the external application when you press one of the application hotkeys. The Wow Quest Text Reader application will send a Shift-F11 or Shift-F12 command (for updating the data, this must be configured properly see installation instructions) and then a Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V command to copy this data to the clipboard, where it can be read using text-to-speech. This should all be invisible to the user.

Installation instructions

1. Install + launch the application.

2. If prompted select your WoW install directory. This step will be skipped if wow.exe was installed in the default World of Warcraft folder in program files.

3. Install the “WoW Quest Text Reader” addon by clicking the ”Install AddOn” button.

4. Launch WoW and enter the regular keybindings menu. In the list to the left find and select ”WoW Quest Text Reader”.
Bind ”Read Quest Objectives” to ”Shift-F11” and ”Read Quest Text” to ”Shift-F12”. This is a very important step! Don’t use any other keybinding.

5. Start using (see usage instructions)!

Usage instructions

1. Make sure application is still running!

2. Inside World of Warcraft you can select and have quest text read to you in two different ways:

  • From an open quest dialog from an NPC. For example before accepting a quest or when selecting your quest reward.
  • From your quest log (including the objectives list and world map). If you don’t want the quest on screen you can simply click it once then close it. It will still be consider the last selected quest which means it can be read to you.

Because of limitations to WoW, quest reward texts can only be read when open in a NPC dialog.

3. Click one of the application hotkeys (NOT addon hotkeys Shift-F11/Shift-F12), defaults are ”Insert” and ”Delete”. If everything was set up correctly the quest description or objectives will be read out loud! If you wish to stop the reading simply press the same hotkey again.


(Or if you can’t get it working check the FAQ and troubleshooting section in the Readme file)

Download WoW Quest Text Reader v.2.1


  1. Etheria

    Is there an .ini file located somewhere for changing the hotkeys? I’m asking because using the key binding keys on WoW doesn’t actually do anything for me and attempting to change the programs hotkeys via ”Edit” just freezes the section for me. I found an .xml file for it but It doesn’t help with my issue.

  2. jan

    thank you for this addon i’m autistic and it helps me alot :)

  3. Colleen

    Thank you so much for this! My Daughter loves it!

  4. Alex

    It is an amazing addon for English learners!
    The only thing is that it installed the addon in the wrong folder, I had to move it.

  5. Viridianscarab

    I think I ran into a bug with this addon. On one of the quests, it will refuse the read the text at all. Is there a logging or a debug function that I can enable?

    Also, at random, the Delete button on Windows 10 will stop working entirely until I restart my PC. It seems that uninstalling the .exe entirely, restarting my PC, and then re-installing it is the only thing that seems to work.

    Let me know what you think.

  6. Seminko

    Sorry for another comment but if this will not work vanilla, would you be willing to help me with it?

  7. Seminko

    Hey man, I suspect this will not work with vanilla?

  8. Phauno

    thx for the addons :)

  9. Phauno

    I have done it, managed to change the reader to Spanish, with a voice of loquendo

  10. Phauno

    How do I change the reader so that I can do it in Spanish?

    • Johan

      Unfortunately I don’t know. Tried to look into it before without success. You would need to install a spanish text to speech voice in your system. You can install new voices but I am not sure where you could get a spanish one.

  11. Quickdrawrob

    I can not download it ask for log in.

  12. Jef

    Love this app. For someone with trouble reading (dislexya) it really helps. Just an idea, but what about multiple voices for races and gender. Nothing fancy, but might help with immersion. Otherwise, thank you for doing this.

  13. Adam

    For some reason this program stops working constantly. After using it for about 10 minutes or so when I hit the hotkey the sound wont play. Otherwise I really like this addon.

    • Johan

      Hmm strange, I use mine for hours on end without problems, hard to know what happens here. Is this version 2.1 or 2.0? When this happens, can you try changing the text to speech voice to see if it will say something?

  14. TheKream

    Would it be possible to use the german voices? I have the german client and i cant use this addon :(

  15. mini

    Hi. This is a fantastic pice of software. I have read through every quest in legion so far and this addon have realy made me love wow again. The only improvement i can think of is a way to correct some mispronunciation that often repeat, this is usualy done with something like a regex script that replaces words from a list. For example Khadgar should be pronounced with a hard g so replacing ”khadgar” with ”khadggar” before sending it to the tts engine. If something like this is implemented i would gladly upload my wordlist somewhere :)

  16. surrekopp

    cool i wana try this is it going to be updated i tryed it now and it dident work and the addon was out of date

    • Johan

      You can simply choose to load out of date addons and it should work. A new update for Legion is coming soon however, think you will like it 😀

  17. GeoffS

    This addon is amazing and was really easy to set up. I’d like to second Naz’s request for the ability to speed up reading. I use SpeakIt! in chrome frequently to read articles online and I think I have it set to 500ish words per min,

  18. Naz

    Is there a way to increase the reading speed?

  19. John

    Hello, Dont, know if you are here still but i just wanted to say thank you so much for this addon. I set it up on my son’s computer he has some changes when it come to reading, now b/c of your work he can enjoy questing and the lore the game has to offer without him getting flustered with himself. I do hope you keep this updated for WoW, you should also think about posting this on the wow forums/addon web sites. I feel there are a lot of people that would benefit from your work.

    • Johan

      Hi John! Thank you for writing me! It makes me so happy to know that I can help your son and others with reading difficulties!

      I am still here and supporting this application, however I am having my usual – between expansions – WoW break. I’m guessing the application and addon is still working in the last WoD update then, great 😀 I haven’t posted this on any addon sites yet since it requires an external application, not sure I would be able to include it with the addon if I uploaded it to Curse for example.

      I do plan to continue supporting the WoW Quest Text Reader in Legion, and will use it myself when leveling 😉

      Have a nice day and thank you for trying my application!

  20. Thank you so much i have dyslexia and this helps me so much. I allways wanted to read the quests and now i can! Im greatly thankful! You are awsome!

  21. raykai

    would be nice having this code in github could add new features to it would like to not have a popup every time i close the program or when this program is open and i restart the pc the popup hangs the pc from rebooting… an other thing that would be nice is adding an option that checks for the text change in the addon and starts to read it ones there is a change in the file.. wow has an addon for the chat that can do that wander if u could find how to aply it to this addon for the quest part for auto read with out hot-key

  22. raykai

    anyway to get the project code so i can work on this program and upgrade it a bit ?

  23. raykai

    nice alt last i soo needed this program for wow hope you upgrade it if you can to support the text when we tern in the quest and choose the rewards text. Good job ! do you think it could support google TTS voice in the next version ? btw this app needs to be shared to as many wow players out there so many dont know about this one

  24. Jeff

    Hi, fantastic idea, but I can’t get this to work (and I’m an addon developer),
    Disabled all other addons
    Went down the FAQ and triple checked each one.
    Ran and admin.
    Restarted WOW and this software several times.
    I’ve used Jocy’s addon with success (and didn’t have that running).
    I give up.

  25. Apocalypse

    I so glad this is a nice idea.
    We need a vidéo to se th configuration an how this work.
    Nice job

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