Announcing: Spotlight Wallpaper


I love Windows 10, it’s the upgrade we really needed and it only keeps getting better and better. I also love the new Windows 10 lockscreen feature called ”Windows Spotlight”. Windows Spotlight will (among other things) rotate between different, very beautiful, background images. New images gets automatically added all the time. Now I wished I could use these images as my regular Windows wallpaper also, and have them change as well. After searching around a bit I found that there is currently no such feature in Windows 10. So after some more investigation into how Spotlight works I managed to write a small application that will find and copy all new Windows Spotlight wallpapers to a folder where you can easily access them. It will also randomly pick one of these images and assign as your new desktop wallpaper (if you don’t wish to use this feature it can be disabled)!

So if you also love the Windows Spotlight wallpapers and would like to use them on your desktop, head over to the download page and give it a try!

Spotlight Wallpaper Page


  1. Rodney

    I love this tool. When I run it, it changes the Background setting from Slideshow to Picture. Is there an option I can set in the Config file to keep my Background setting on Slideshow? Thanks!

    • Johan

      Hi Rodney!

      Check the readme.txt file, it has instructions about how to disable the auto set wallpaper feature, that will allow you to keep your background slideshow.

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