Spotlight Wallpaper

Copy Windows 10 Spotlight Wallpapers to a folder and use them as wallpapers.


What is Spotlight Wallpaper?

In Windows 10 your lockscreen will randomly show beautiful full-screen images. Microsoft calls this feature ”Windows Spotlight”. There is however no easy way to copy these or use them as regular wallpapers.

Spotlight Wallpaper is an application that will help solve these problems for you by copying any new Spotlight background images to a folder of your choice. It will also randomly select one of the images and use as your Windows wallpaper (this feature can be turned off).

How does it work?

When launched, the application will open a special folder on your computer where Windows stores any images for use with Spotlight. It will then search trough this folder and copy any landscape high resolution images into a folder of your choice.

The default copy folder is set to ”My Documents\Spotlight Wallpapers\”.

Once the images have been copied it will assign one of them (at random) as your current Windows wallpaper.

Usage instructions

Simply launch the application and any newfound Spotlight images will be copied and your wallpaper changed. If you used the default settings when installing the application it will also be launched when Windows starts.


There is currently no UI for configuring the application, instead open the file ”Config.xml” in the installation directory. Here you can change the default settings such as the folder to save your Spotlight images to and if you want the wallpaper to be automatically changed or not. Since version 1.0.3 I’ve also added some more options during install, for example disabling the function that automatically changes your wallpaper.

Note: I have received multiple questions about using Spotlight Wallpaper together with the Windows wallpaper slideshow feature. Per default Spotlight Wallpaper will change your wallpaper each time Windows restarts. This will disable any slideshow folder you have configured. Since version 1.0.3 you can easily turn this feature off during installation.


Download Spotlight Wallpaper v.1.0.3


  1. Mohamed Yusuf

    It is a good app. I’m loving it, but this only copies landscape images. it would be better if you copy other images too in a different dir. so that it can be used for mobile…

  2. Ryan

    I’d really like it if instead of randomizing, it would use the photo that is currently on the lock screen. Is that possible?

  3. VoodaGod

    perfect, thank you!

  4. Supercrisp

    Thanks Johan, I was searching for this software and it does its job in the simplest way possible. Well done! :)
    Thanks for sharing 😉

  5. Chris

    Great program I am glad I came across it. I have been wondering why Microsoft could figure out that people might actually want this feature. Thank you for coming up with a solution.

  6. dimasowl

    each time I run spotlight it reset background to default instead of slideshow.

  7. Whisky

    It seems this tool doesn’t work anymore since Anniversary Update. Microsoft might changed the location of spotlight images. Need an update.

    • Johan

      Will look into it asap! Thanks for telling me!

    • Johan

      After further investigating I can’t see that anything has changed. The folder still exists on my computer and was recently updated even though I have the anniversay update. How does this problem appear for you?

      • Whisky

        I looked into spotlight folder and all images are still there. The problem is no new images has been downloaded since I update the Anniversary. Last images is download at 10 Aug but the spotlight image at lockscreen is still changes everyday.

        • Johan

          Hmm that’s strange, in my case the last downloaded image was downloaded yesterday… It will only download new images when you start the program, that is when the computer restarts. Could you try moving away all images from your Documents\Spotlight Wallpaper folder and see if any new will appear after a while?

          • Whisky

            I tried re-install your program but it still does not work out. Maybe the issue come from my system after update. I’m gonna do clean install Windows when I have free time. Thank you for your time to me.

  8. Whisky

    Thank you! I love it.

  9. Pankaj

    Wow! it worked. Thank you very much.

  10. Minecah

    Great job and thanks for sharing. I was wondering why the pictures in the Ms Wallpaper folder are different ones than I actually get on my Lockscreen, there has to be a different folder or sth is wrong with my Computer.

  11. Vertex

    Thx for fast the response!

    I changed the SelectRandomWallpaper option to false in the config and now my settings stay the same :). This way it is very easy to have slideshow enabled with spotlight wallpaper still updating the images after every reboot. You may want to update the instructions with an additional note for users like me that won’t see this solution/scenario.


  12. Vertex

    I would also like to automatically set the background as a slideshow or at least that it doesn’t change my setting. I always have to manually reset it to slideshow after every start of pc/execution of program.


    • Johan

      Hi Vertex! You need to disable the function that sets the wallpaper. This can be done, just take a look in the readme file for instructions!

  13. Glan

    actually great handy app, but is it possible to disable alert about how many files copied? I would like to put it in windows startup but do not want any alerts.

    • Johan

      Hi! It actually already supports that. Try reinstalling the app and select that it should automatically run on startup. A shortcut will be created in the startup folder. This shortcut will run with a ”/silent” argument which disables that alert. So just reinstall and it will fix that for you.

    • Glan

      Thanks, it works.

  14. Shakie

    Hi Johan,
    great app.

    Is there a way to switch off the appearing dialog ”x pictures copied”?

  15. justin h

    Works great. If you want it to be a slideshow, change your windows 10 slideshow folder location to where you have your spotlight images saved. Default location is documents\spotlight wallpapers

  16. Rolf B

    Thanks man!
    I found this trough reading

    what’s wrong with microsoft? Why in the hell can’t they just fix these kind of things?
    Ok, thanks a lot.

  17. I like this app, but it would rock if it would be able to set the background as a slideshow.
    We could enjoy a different background every 10 minutes or so.

    Thanks for the great work !!!

  18. Sevn

    hi, it good for your stuff.
    Now I have a question. Do you try to find out what is the way can download Windows Spotlight images from Microsoft site. I try to work on it , but i just did not get it.

    • Johan

      Hi Sevn!
      Hmm that would be cool but i’m guessing Microsoft might make that hard or restricted. Let me know if you find something out :)

  19. Janos Biro

    Great job! I’ve been looking for something like this for weeks.

    Some minor things… I could not find any settings panel.

    It would be great for instance to set the target directory.

    Other nice-to-have settings/features:
    – when it starts automatically it should not open any dialogs just do its job silently in the background
    – delete old backgrounds after X months
    – set the target directory as slideshow after installation

    Thanks again!

    • Johan

      Hi Janos!

      Good suggestions, thank you, I might add more stuff in the future if enough people request it :)
      Btw, the program will always run silently from autostart (which it is added to by default), so no dialogs should popup at start. This is done by adding the parameter ”/silent” to your shortcuts (done for you).

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